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The Seiler Endodntic Microscope

The Seiler Endodntic Microscope

The Seiler Endodontic Microscope at Advanced Dentistry

Magnification is extremely important for carrying out not just endodontic procedures such as root canals, but a variety of other dental procedures. That’s why Advanced Dentistry uses the Seiler endodontic microscope to gain a clear, consistent assessment when completing treatment. With multiple magnification settings, this equipment provides an in depth, wider look into a patient’s mouth.

Along with magnification, the endodontic microscope helps with other procedure factors as well, including illumination. Dental Microscopes have an integrated fiber-optic light within the lens. This light source eliminates shadows, giving dentists a clearer vision when performing a procedure. With having a superior view of often complex oral issues, the team at Advanced Dentistry can accurately diagnose problems early and provide optimal treatment.

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